New Jersey Homeowner Insurance Claim Attorney

Homeowners rely on insurance providers to help with the damages when a catastrophic incident occurs. Unfortunately, many insurance companies let you down when you most need them.

They could erroneously reject a legitimate claim, postpone payment, or make an effort to settle for less than what is due. Do not give up.

Has your claim been wrongfully delayed, denied, or underpaid?

Kristen E. Johnson, Esq., a lawyer with more than 20 years of expertise with insurance claims, will assist you in obtaining fair and prompt compensation.

New Jersey Homeowner Insurance Claim Attorney

We are passionate advocates for protecting the rights of homeowners in Monmouth County and the nearby regions of New Jersey, and we will do so for you throughout the duration of your case. assisting homeowners with insurance claims for hail, wind, plumbing leaks, fire, and flood damage.

What You Can Expect

Kristen E. Johnson, Esq. assists you in determining the legitimacy of your claim denial during the initial consultation. Many insurance policies place restrictions on what is covered, excluding damage from earthquakes and floods. These and other exclusions will typically be at the focus of claim disputes.

It’s critical to understand your policy and the pertinent insurance law in order to properly establish a claim. We are experienced in handling homeowner insurance claims in New Jersey. We have access to experts like engineers and contractors who can assist in validating the origin and severity of the damage to your home.

Helping Policyholders Recover From Disaster

We comprehend the suffering and annoyance that result from having your property damaged. When your insurance company should be there to assist, they instead fail to fulfill their obligations to their devoted consumers, leading to a second calamity.

As policyholders handle their property insurance claims, we secure justice for them. Many insured cases have had their damages effectively recovered by our insurance claim law firm. Kristen E. Johnson, Esq. has distinguished herself from her rivals by having a committed trial team, the financial means to counter insurer delay strategies, and a wide network of damage mitigation specialists.

Legal Advocacy You Need To Fight For Your Rights

Homeowners frequently mistakenly believe that insurance adjusters are on their side. This simply isn’t true. Although they may be cordial, adjusters ultimately aim to reduce the liability of your insurer. They won’t support you in negotiations, so be prepared for that. Our legal team is ready to zealously fight for your rights and is committed to doing so at all times.

Homeowners Insurance and Bad Faith Insurance Claims

NJ homeowners insurance lawyer

How do you get the settlement you deserve?

Do you realize that the reputation of the lawyer you pick to represent you in a homes insurance claim litigation affects how much it will cost to settle or deny your claim? We can tell you that our law firm has a reputation for obtaining fair compensation for its clients.

Homeowners’ insurance claim settlements are frequently disputed by the insurance company, just like other insurance claim settlements. This could result in your claim being rejected, being forced to accept a reduced settlement offer, or experiencing an unpleasant payment delay. In this situation, hiring an expert homeowner’s insurance claims lawyer can help you receive a payout from your insurance policy and spare you a lot of heartache.

As a general rule, after a claim has been settled, you cannot bring a lawsuit. Insurance companies defend their interests by requiring you to sign a contract that forbids you from bringing a lawsuit after a claim has been resolved. If you discover that you have been shortchanged in such circumstances, you have little recourse.

Helping Local Homeowners Recover For Hail, Wind, Water And Fire Insurance Claims

The best course of action for a fair settlement is to have an attorney on board who can evaluate the settlement contract and advise you of the best line of action. With a lawyer on board from the start, you might not need to sue the insurance provider, and if circumstances do force you to do so, you will be in a strong position with a seasoned law firm at your side.

It takes an expert to handle questions regarding the sufficiency of coverage and your eligibility for the proper coverage. The insurance provider can outwit you if you don’t have competent legal representation. Contact a property insurance lawyer if you have questions about the specifics of your insurance claim or the arguments used by the insurance provider to deny coverage.

Should You File A Lawsuit Against Your Insurance Company?

The Law Offices of Kristen E. Johnson, Esq. is knowledgeable in the nuances of NJ state law that controls insurance lawsuits. A lawsuit is a clear indication that you are serious about pursuing your just compensation. You must make sure that you record any conversations you have with the representatives of the insurance company. Take pictures of your property’s damage and the repairs being made.

Do not forget that insurance companies exist to earn a profit. Claims filing and collection procedures are frequently laborious and purposefully so in the hopes that a frustrated claimant will give up.

If you have been denied a claim on your homeowners insurance, do not give up. Depending upon the nature of your situation, you may be able to reverse the decision.

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