Purchase and Sale of Small Businesses

Beyond pricing negotiations, there are other legal issues that will be crucial to you whether you’re buying or selling a small business. Real estate attorney Kristen Johnson is also knowledgeable in business legislation and is aware of the difficulties involved in the acquisition or disposal of a small business.

She has the legal skills to assist you at every stage of the business purchase or sale process, whether the company is sold in its entirety, with or without real estate or other property and assets, as part of a franchise, or as part of a merger, joint venture, or partnership.

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We will represent you at closing, prepare operational agreements, analyze closing documents, assist you with your due diligence by conducting a full study of the financials, and negotiate the contract’s conditions.

How can a new jersey real estate lawyer help with the purchase and sale of a small business?

A New Jersey real estate lawyer can provide assistance in the purchase and sale of a small business by:

Conducting due diligence:

A real estate lawyer can help you conduct due diligence on the business you intend to purchase or sell. This includes reviewing the financial records of the business, identifying any liabilities and risks, and ensuring that all necessary licenses and permits are in place.

Drafting and reviewing agreements:

A real estate lawyer can draft and review purchase and sale agreements, as well as other legal documents related to the transaction. This includes drafting and reviewing non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, and other legal documents.

Negotiating terms:

A real estate lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, helping you to get the best possible deal for your purchase or sale. This includes negotiating the purchase price, terms of payment, and other terms of the transaction.

Assisting with closing:

A real estate lawyer can assist with the closing of the transaction, ensuring that all necessary documents are signed and that the transfer of ownership is completed legally and smoothly.

Handling disputes:

In the event of any disputes arising during the transaction, a real estate lawyer can provide legal counsel and representation, helping to resolve the dispute in the best possible way.

Additional specific legal issues that may arise during a small business purchase or sale that could be need to be addressed include:

  • Business valuation – determining the worth of the business in order to set an appropriate price
  • Business structure – deciding whether to buy/sell assets or shares, and the legal implications of each
  • Non-compete agreements – negotiating and drafting agreements to protect the buyer’s interests
  • Employment law – ensuring compliance with labor laws and addressing any potential employee-related issues
  • Intellectual property – identifying and protecting any intellectual property assets that are being transferred as part of the sale.

Addressing these additional topics can help ensure that the small business purchase or sale is legally sound and successful. Kristen Johnson,, a New Jersey real estate lawyer, can provide valuable assistance throughout the purchase and sale of a small business, helping to ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and that your interests are protected.

What to look for in a real estate attorney when considering a small business purchase or sale.

When considering a small business purchase or sale, it’s important to choose a real estate attorney who is experienced in handling such transactions. Kristen Johnson is an attorney who has a deep understanding of both real estate and business law, as this knowledge will be crucial in navigating the complexities of a business sale or purchase. Your attorney should have experience in negotiating contracts and drafting agreements, and should be able to provide guidance and advice throughout the entire process.

In addition, it’s important to choose an attorney who has a track record of success in similar transactions. Can they provide references and case studies that demonstrate their ability to handle similar deals successfully? Communication skills are also important, as you’ll want an attorney who can clearly explain legal concepts and keep you informed of the progress of the transaction.

Finally, consider the attorney’s availability and responsiveness. Kristen Johnson is available to answer your questions and provide guidance when you need it, and who responds promptly to your calls and emails. With these qualifications in mind, you’ll be better equipped to find a real estate attorney who can help you successfully navigate the purchase or sale of a small business.

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