Real Estate Litigation

New Jersey Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real estate disputes can be costly, no matter whether it’s a residential or commercial real estate issue. You must retain an experienced New Jersey real estate litigation lawyer. You need legal counsel who understands the nuances and complexities of this type of litigation and isn’t afraid to go up against powerful law firms and big corporations. We have decades of experience helping New Jersey clients with their real estate litigation needs.

Real Estate Litigation And Arbitration

As a broad commercial real estate litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution practice, we represent clients in state and federal court as well as before the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and other arbitration tribunals. In many cases, commercial real estate contracts will require parties to pursue mediation or arbitration as a precursor to (or in lieu of) litigation, and we have experience challenging and enforcing these “mandatory ADR” provisions.

Kristen E. Johnson, Esq., litigation attorney, has secured favorable results for our clients through settlement negotiations, arbitration hearings and in New Jersey and Federal courts. In litigated disputes, we pursue settlement as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to courtroom litigation whenever possible; however, Kristen E. Johnson, Esq. is also deeply experienced in using the litigation process to protect clients’ legal and financial interests.

New Jersey provides a significant amount of protection for homeowners. Plus, there are obscure statutes you need to be familiar with before you can proceed. Some of the most common real estate litigation matters we handle:

Commercial Landlord-Tenant:

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants can be very complicated. The dispute may relate to an existing contract or terms of a newly drafted one.

Residential Landlord-Tenant:

Are you a tenant who has a landlord who has breached the rental contract? Or, if you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant, you may find yourself in litigation if you cannot reach an agreement.

Property Insurance Claims:

As a property owner, you expect the insurance policy you purchased will cover your claims. However, it’s not uncommon for property insurance companies to unfairly deny your claim, requiring you to initiate a legal action.

Escrow Deposit Disputes:

When parties can’t agree on instructions, the title company usually interpleads the funds by depositing with the local court clerk. Then, either side will need to take legal action to argue whey they are owed the funds.

Construction Defect Disputes:

If you have a property built or renovated, you run the risk of having shoddy work. If you have a dispute over the quality of construction, you may need to file a construction defect lawsuit.

Partition (Division of Real Property): 

Filing a partition action will allow one property co-owner to force the sale of the property so that they can receive their share.

Procuring Cause: 

When there is a dispute between real estate agents on who is entitled to the commission for a sale, it may result in litigation for procuring cause.

Quiet Title Lawsuits:

Quiet title lawsuits are filed to clear land title and remove any clouds on a title for New Jersey real estate.

Condominium Disputes:

Numerous issues can arise related to condominiums, including with the HOA, CC&Rs, etc. Disputes can be between members, builders, vendors, insurers, municipalities, contractors, developers, etc.

Commercial Code Enforcement Disputes:

Code enforcement officers implement and enforce building safety rules, codes, regulations, etc., that relate to commercial, residential, and industrial properties and protecting against threats from safety, public health, and welfare.

Eminent Domain:

The government has a right to take private property and convert it into public use under the Fifth Amendment, provided they give just compensation to the owners. Disputes under eminent domain require litigation.

Hiring a New Jersey Real Estate Litigation Attorney

If you have a real estate dispute involving any of the topics mentioned earlier, you need to speak with an experienced New Jersey real estate litigation attorney as soon as possible. Many of these claim types have short windows or specific rules that must be followed. You need an attorney who understands how real estate litigation works.

With our broad-based real estate litigation practice, we are able to offer comprehensive, full-service representation for clients with diverse and complex legal needs related to commercial and residential properties throughout the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey Real Estate Property and Litigation

Disputes resulting from a contract to buy, sell, or lease residential or commercial real estate are frequently handled by our New Jersey real estate and property litigation practice. With regard to the property, buyers may assert claims of contract breach, particular performance, rescission, or fraudulent misrepresentations, whereas sellers may file a lawsuit to demand specific execution of the contract of sale and for contract violation. Additionally, border disputes, challenges to ownership and good title, foreclosure, drainage problems, and easement concerns are all dealt within this area of law. This field also includes lawsuits alleging professional negligence, contract violations, and fiduciary breaches against real estate agents and house inspection businesses.

As a skilled litigator, Kristen has successfully prosecuted and rebutted claims of fraud by sellers or real estate agents, wrongfully withheld down payments, and breach of buyer or seller warranties in relation to numerous real estate transactions. We handle disputes involving the environment that arise when property is sold, such as who will be responsible for cleaning up the environment after the property is transferred, and we represent sellers in lawsuits alleging failure to disclose flooding, toxic mold, and other “hidden” defects. We also represent owners in court cases involving title issues, tax liens, and “squatter’s rights”. In cases involving foreclosure, we represent both owners and lenders.

Kristen Johnson, a real estate lawyer in New Jersey, has assisted clients in difficult property lawsuits involving:

  • Real estate contract violations
  • Environmental concerns and cleaning obligations
  • title corrections
  • conflict over real estate easements
  • Real estate boundary and property line conflicts
  • Invasion and hostile possessions
  • conflicting associations
  • conflicting property owners
  • Lease disagreements

We have a great deal of expertise settling the most complicated real estate lawsuits and disputes, legal property concerns, and property issues, so that everyone may move forward in peace. Kristen Johnson, a NJ real estate lawyer, can help you reach a satisfactory resolution regardless of whether the real estate dispute is transactional or financial. Today, arrange an appointment with Kristen Johnson by calling 732-477-4921.

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